How to control your diabetes

Diabetes is affecting millions of people today and is becoming one of the deadliest disorders present. Diabetes affects kidneys, heart, liver and other vital organs of the body. Therefore, it is very important to keep diabetes under check. Here are few ways to keep diabetes under control.


Regular checkup

If you are a diabetic, you should always have a home kit for testing your sugar levels constantly. More importantly, whenever you feel any sort of discomfort, you should always check your sugar levels. Every three months you should also get your A1C tested which will tell your sugar levels for past three months.

Diet control

Healthy diet is an integral part, if you want to keep diabetes under check. Any sugar product is a strict no-no. Have a low carb, no fat and high protein diet. Protein is good for diabetics as it keeps blood sugar levels under check.


If you are a diabetic and wish to live a healthy life, there is no way you can live without this. Even if it is 30 minutes in a day, exercise daily to keep yourself fit and healthy. Moreover exercise should not be only restricted to just physical. Stress is also a key cause for diabetes and hence doing yoga and meditation can help you a great deal in keeping diabetes under check. Lastly, simple breathing exercises can also help in a great way.

Have a family doctor

When you are a diabetic, you should try to patronize a doctor who understands your symptoms well. Secondly, as diabetes affects other parts of the body also, it is vital to go through regular body checkups to ensure that all the organs are functioning properly. Liver, kidney and heart related tests should be done every three to four months and a full body checkup can be done every 6 months or at least a year.

Gain more knowledge

There are three main types of diabetics and you should know where you fall. Many deaths happen in diabetes due to lack of knowledge. Researching on healthy food items will help you a great deal, as you would need to make choices every day as to what you can eat and what you must avoid. Lastly, you can live an absolutely normal and healthy lifestyle even if you are a diabetic as long as you have a strong will power and you are sensitive to yourself.

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